Frequently asked questions

As this technology is fairly new in South Africa, please take a second and read through the most Frequently Asked Questions we get regularly.  If there is something you are still unsure about, you are most welcome to contact us.



What is the ICARD?

ICARD is a digital business card that allows you to transmit your contact detail with a new connection by way of three methods:

A device (card,tag,wristband etc), or by having them scan your designated QR code or by sending your unique link to your new connection.  Your connection can then import your contact details to their phone and email apps.

Will the ICARD work on all phones?

ICARD will work with majority of smartphones in the market today by using either NFC, the QR code or your unique link.  Remember that your phone don’t need to be NFC enabled, but your connection’s phone must be.

The Card / The Tag / The Wristband

iPhone Xs and newer: you can simply Tap

Android Phones: Turn on NFC and Tap or Scan QR using camera

Get a list of all the compatible phones here.

The Link

All phones with an installed browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc)

Will I or my contact need to download any app?

No. Neither you or your new connection will need to download an app first in order to use the ICARD technology.

Can people save my contact details?

Your ICARD Profile comes with an “Import Contact Details” button, which allows your new connection to save your full contact information directly to their phones.  When you send your unique link to a connection via social media or email, they will also be able to import your contact detail into their phone’s contact list and email applications.

Who can view my profile?

Anyone you, or your connections, share your profile link with. We host your ICARD Profile under icard.vip/your_username as a public page so people you meet can effortlessly access your contact information. You also have the opportunity to encrypt your-username or add special characters so that only people whom you gave your link to, can access your online profile and contact detail.

What privacy measures do you take?

Our site(s) are hosted on one of the best platforms in the world.  Our site(s) are secured against malware and hacker attacks, equipped with 2-factor authentication and with WP security and firewalls.

ICARD Profiles are not listed or Google Indexed and therefore don’t show on search engines.  If you prefer to keep your profile secret, accept for those connections you give it to, we can generate a username randomly and not set your name as the username.

eg. icard.vip/johnsmith – icard.vip/john#smith$

how it works

Tell me more about the tech?

Your contact information is transferred to the cell phone of your new prospect/connection/friend.  The transfer of the information is supported with near field communication between the product (your card, tag, wristband etc.) and the other person’s NFC enabled phone.  If the “tap” function does not work, the reasons can be:

  • the phone does not support NFC
  • check of the NFC function is enabled on Android phones under the settings tab

Here is a list of NFC enabled phones most used in South Africa.

What if my prospect's phone does not support the technology?

You will also be issued with three other options that you can share with prospects that will divert them to your online profile.  

  1. an unique link (i.e. www.icard.vip/your-unique-link)
  2. a QR code 
  3. a clickable business card in .pdf 

From your online profile, they can import your contact detail

What if my contact detail changes?

You just inform us of any changes and we will update your detail within 48 hours.

Even if you change from company, we can update your new company’s logo.

Minor changes are free of charge.  If you want to change your profile completely, you will be quoted for such changes first.

about lead time and shipping

What is your shipping costs?

If your total cart value is less than R500, you will be charged a minimum flat rate of R49.00.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, when your total cart value is more than R500, you will receive free shipping.

How long will I have to wait for my parcel?

It depends on where you are situated in South Africa.  Major cities will receive their parcel within 2-3 days, but rural areas can take up to 7 working days.

Take note that these delivery times do not include the *lead time of your order.

*lead time is the time it takes to prepare your profile and program your product.  Please see each product’s lead time before checking out.

about guarantee and refunds

What is refundable?

Please take note that there is no guarantee or refund for your online profile. Why? When you check out and pay for your profile, we will start communicating with you and start working on your profile.  This all takes time, effort and expertise.  The cost of your online profile, whether you only purchase an online profile or one of our package deals, is for the work and design that goes into your profile – not the hosting.  Your hosting for the first year is free.  Subscription starts from the second year, when you will pay for hosting and not for the design.  Therefore when we sign off on your online profile, our work is done and payable.  We will send proofs of  your online profile via whatsapp or email before sign-off.

If you ordered a package deal, or products only, the products can be refunded if we receive it in the same new condition as it was sent to you.  The courier fees for returning the product to our offices, will be for yourself.

What guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 12 month guarantee on all pvc cards, pvc tags as well as our silicone wristbands.  The guarantee covers only the effectiveness of the near field communication function.  We will not replace any broken, misused or neglected cards, tags or wristbands.