About Us

ICARD is a subsidiary of IQ Digital, a marketing and web design company established in 2018. During the Covid-19 period, more clients were interested in digital business cards that they could sent to new leads.  We were, after all, living in a digital time … why was everybody still using paper business cards?  So we explored new avenues and came up with ICARD.

The Team

Inquisitive, talented,  problem solvers and dedicated to the pursuit of digital excellence

ICARD Designer


Mariana specialises in web design, content creation, digital marketing and e-commerce solutions.
– B.COM HONS (Marketing)

Sales Funnel Expert

Funnel Expert

Pieter is also an external consultant that works mostly with foreign clients and is an absolute master in funnel designing and an expert with Click Funnels.

Social Media

Carmen is the youngest of the team and is our social media content creator.