5 Reasons Why Digital Business Cards are the Smart Choice

ICARD - 5 benefits of digital business cards
When it comes to networking, digital business cards are the smart way to go. Not only are they more affordable, but they can also be shared with anyone, anywhere. Let’s face it, traditional business cards are a hassle. They are pricey, frustrating to keep up-to-date and you need to hand them out personally. Due to Covid and it’s restrictions, they are probably gathering dust somewhere, right?  Let’s address some benefits of the iCard.

Share your iCard in many ways

Whether you need to share your contact detail with someone next to you or in another city, the iCard makes sharing easy.  Either tap your card, tag or silicone wristband on your prospect’s phone, have them scan your QR code or send them your unique link. Your details can be imported into the phone’s contact list and email apps. With these options, no prospect will be out of your reach.  Networking will be a breeze.

Easily editable

Your profile is connected to your personal profile, not your company. So, whether you change companies, your phone number, email address etc. your profile can be updated in no time.  Simply send through the changes and we’ll take care of the rest.  The next time you tap your card or send your unique link, your new information will be shared.  No need to have new business cards printed.


We know that each business and personality is different, therefore we offer full customizable iCard profiles.  Not only your online profile, but also your pvc business card.  You determine your own look!

Lose or misplace your digital business card

Worried about losing, misplacing, or forgetting your card when you go networking?  As long as you remember your link or have your clickable .pdf card on your phone, you’re sorted.

Great for teams and companies of all sizes

We offer amazing solutions for bigger sales teams. You’ll never need to order new business cards for new employees or re-order paper cards when someone’s title changes. Contact us to discuss the options. There is no better time to go paperless and expand your reach.  Make iCard your digital partner.

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